Chalk Talk



Chalk Talk

Kim uses communication as a tool and sports as the arena to help people learn to speak in a way that brings people together. Sports speak is a universal language but if you can’t speak the language you’re left out of the conversation. “Chalk Talk” includes seminars, workshops and other training interactive sessions to level the playing the field for anyone looking to get in the game.

Game Plan

Chalk Talk gives participants some basic tools to deal with the sports side of any man. Whether it becomes water cooler talk, chats over lunch or just a snippet about the hot sports topic of the week, Chalk Talk helps women level the playing field in an arena that can be somewhat foreign and intimidating

*Learn how to talk your man’s language.

*Are you trying to move up the corporate ladder?

*It’s all about communication and being able to speak the language, just ask any professional woman.

*Avoid being a football widow on the weekends!

*Another tool to help you build and grow your business


Game Time

“Chalk Talk” is a fun, social, interactive yet educational outing designed to empower the professional woman, mother, housewife, soon to be bride or interested friend become conversational about sports. “Sports speak is a universal language and participating in this program empowers women to feel more comfortable getting in the game.”

Head Coach

This program was developed and is implemented by the KD Company’s resident sports chick, Kim Davis. Kim has more than 15 years of experience in the sports arena. Her experience includes broadcasting, writing and talking about sports in local and national arenas. She was Vice President of External Relations for Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston. Chalk Talk’s objective is to introduce women to sports as a means to communicate better with the men in their lives and increase professional and business opportunities.

Post Game

* Players will even have access to Kim Davis, The Sports Chick, via email and will each walk away with their own little playbook.

*This is a value to any woman in her personal and/or professional life.
Join us for the next Chalk Talk:

2013 Pre-Super Bowl Chalk Talk

Location The H.E.S.S. Club

Saturday, January 26, 2013, 11:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M.


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