Taking Your Leaders & Teams to the Top of Their Game!

Kim Davis provides individuals and organizations the playbook required to overcome challenges related to communication, leadership, and diversity. Her programs generate long-term, lasting results that eliminate the barriers to your success.

Your People Are Your Greatest Assets.

You can't afford to struggle with:

  • Disconnected team members
  • Mixed messages and poor communication
  • Internal Conflict
  • Constant change and uncertainty
  • Environments that lack trust & respect

You Need Leaders & Teams at the Top of Their Game

Kim's Programs Generate Long-Term, Lasting Results While Eliminating the Barriers to Success.

Highly Engaged, Collaborative Teams

Diverse Culture Built on Respect & Integrity

Courageous & Authentic Leadership

Effective & Transparent Communication

What They Say About Kim Davis

Elizabeth Pudwill

President and Founder, I Know Somebody Houston

Kim has drawn the biggest crowd that we have had this year. She was strong, engaging, witty and shared herself with our audience. I wish all of my speakers were as prepared and professional as Kim Davis!

Khalia Guillory 

CEO KOG & Company

Kim Davis is the speaker you want for your next event. She is the go to person for curating spaces that bring inclusion awareness to the workplace while incorporating sports.

About Kim.

Kim Y. Davis has always been a fan and student of sports. When she decided to be the first female NFL quarterback, she was sent to etiquette and charm schools and her father made it clear that being a professional quarterback wasn’t in her future. So Kim decided that there was more than one path to the pros, becoming a sportscaster in major cities such as Houston, New Orleans, and BET – as well as, Vice President of Super Bowl 38 and is the creator and host of Chalk Talk.

As a keynote speaker, Kim shares the power of forging your own path when the defined path is littered with roadblocks. She shares how your game-face, swag, and preparation all play a big part in leveling the playing field and shifting it to your advantage.

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