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When The Crowd Stops Cheering

Many corporate leaders say their teams are in a slump with leads to lower productivity. People are not energized, and many are leaving the workforce.

In this unique keynote program, Kim Davis shares lesson from her career covering professional sports and athletes as a broadcast journalist, former Super Bowl VP, and entrepreneur about boosting productivity, removing the stigma of stress, and helping people adapt to change.

Kim teaches attendees how to create a blueprint for their own growth and motivation by using the ACT method. They leave feeling validated, excited about the future, and invigorated.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the ACT method – Acknowledgement – self-awareness, Create a Roadmap, Take Action
  • Change our personal language – the way we communicate with ourselves
  • Determine the best way to feel seen and validated through stories and live exercises during the presentation

The Future of Media - What’s on the Horizon for Communication Professionals?

The future of media is continuously evolving, and the methods that companies use to reach consumers need to change in tandem. According to a survey by The Trade Desk, 74% of U.S. households in the 18-34 age group have cut the cable TV cord, are planning to, or have never subscribed.

The future of media is innovative, digital, and visual. 

The use of digital media in personal and professional communication has been accelerating at breakneck speed in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has kept that momentum going. 

Data analytics is being used to improve PR tactics. This goes far beyond a press release and talking points The future of media is continuing to turn to digital advances for entertainment, news, and business, which translates to major opportunities for businesses.

According to the Pew Research Center, the digital media industry continues to grow, with about 86% of American adults consuming some of their news online

Learning Objectives

  • Get clarity on the changing landscape of media and communications to effectively embrace the need to be more innovative as a company and team.
  • To let go of what’s in the way of using new tools and tactics to fully participate in the ever-evolving approach to media, news, and communications.
  • Learn why it is critical for businesses, to maintain an online presence that allows them to effectively communicate with their audience.
  • Discover the importance of a mobile-first strategy and what the key components are to show up the right way.

Lessons From the Locker Room – How Smart People Leverage their Game-Face and Experience to Own the Room

Does it feel like something is always missing? If you’re smart, you don’t have enough experience. If you’re experienced, you don’t have the right connections. If your connections are good and your experience is on point, well - you’re not a good cultural fit!

In this unique keynote program, Kim Y. Davis shares lessons from her career covering professional sports as a broadcaster. She knows how it feels to be the “only one” in a locker room filled with athletes and her male colleagues and still get the interview and the great story!

You’ll discover how to find your swag and put on the kind of game-face that lets people know that you belong in the room.

When you are ready to leverage your swag to own the playing field, lessons from the locker room is the program that gets you there.

In this powerful program, you will discover how to win when you:

  • Know the players, playbook, and the playing field
  • Practice, participate, and prepare for the victory
  • Audaciously take action and exceed even your own expectation

Corporate Emcee

Kim is an in-demand corporate emcee. If you want to have more than just another event, by engaging and exciting your audience with a seamless presentation led by a trained professional, who excels in a live, unscripted environment, Kim is your person.

Fireside Chats

If you want an experienced, engaging interviewer to host your next fireside chat, look no further. Kim Davis will work with your company or event leadership to create a dynamic, informal yet highly productive conversation.

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